Have you ever felt cautioned to take a certain path, yet drawn to a dream ? I know many of us have set paths that were determined by everyone else other than ourselves. It is my firm belief that we have the power to create our own destiny, but we must have the audacity to do so. 


My journey as a creative started, when I decided to put clay back into my hands in 2018 after several years away from the studio. I was a low key art kid in college. I was not confident in my work and I did not self identify as an artist. I felt that I was not good enough to hold that title. 


After a few years of teaching elementary school, I felt that something was missing. My creative muscle had atrophied and I was not creating as much as I wanted. This left me feeling unfulfilled.


After having this realization, I found an artist residency at a ceramics studio. While there, I got to learn and play with clay. Joy came flowing back into my life. I felt confident and I declared myself an artist. I took on the challenge to make wearable art, and that's how jewelry making became a passion of mine. Making jewelry gave me confidence in myself. It allowed me to become that artist and designer that I know myself to be. I had the audacity to choose my own path.


A Sio ceramics piece will jumpstart your inspiration to do the things you love. You will feel bold and confident to choose any path you'd like for yourself. Celebrate yourself like the masterpiece that you are!

-Makeda Siobahn Smith