The Sweet Dreamz Collection is for the sensitive bbs out there channeling their femme enegry. I used to hate all typical girly things. It is because I always wanted to be seen as strong and tough. All the examples of womxn in my life were stong matriarchs. Now I see there is beauty in being soft. These delicate and dreamy vibes are made just for you.


Each earring is uniquely hand-crafted in small batches in Washington, DC. Each piece is made start to finish with love, care, and a little sass. These earrings are lightweight and durable. They are made of white stoneware clay. Each earring post is made of stainless steel. It is finished in glaze and 22k gold luster.



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  • Store earrings away from other jewelry that can scratch them, especially items with gold luster. Be careful when adjusting or removing earrings over hard surfaces like tile or hardwood floors. When cleaning earrings use mild soap and gently scrub with a brush.

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District of Columbia, USA